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After deciding which job to tackle next, one of the most dreaded parts of the project is the prep work such as removing an old floor so a brand new flooring can be installed. If you are a Contractor, Interior Designer or a Do It Yourselfer who just need to remove an old floor to install a new one, call Professional Installation Floor Covering Company. Now we offer Floor Removal Services.

We are now offering to the do it yourselfers as well as those that want no parts of this job, our services of removing: Stone Floors | Old Carpet | Vinyl | VCT | Hardwood | Rubber Sport Surfaces | Ceramic Tile | Glue Down Hardwood.

We have searched the world of tools for the best equipment to remove any type of flooring, glue and thinnest. So we offer you the equipment and know how that can’t be bought or rented to remove old flooring and prepare the surfaces to have your brand new floors installed. This process is the foundation for a professional job.

Flooring removal can be a tough job. Let the experts at Professional Installation Floor Covering Company help. We can tackle even the toughest flooring removal jobs saving you time, money and labor with state-of-the-art industrial removal equipment.

Every Job is treated with the utmost care and customized estimates are given for your own individual situation. We do residential and commercial interior work and regularly work with designers, homeowners, and remodeling contractors.

The next time your think of removing your old flooring call Professional Installation Floor Covering Company and see why “We Have Floors Covered” is not a catchy slogan it’s what we do. We can make your flooring removal project fast and easy.

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